Understanding and Improving Thermochemical Processes

CheMin GmbH offers their services as consultant and expert to European as well as international markets in the field of improving and understanding thermochemical processes in power plants with specific reference to fuels, materials and process technologies.

Our business is based on the following principles

  • neutrality
  • strengthening of markets
  • sustainability

There are three publicly appointed and sworn expert witnesses among our CheMin employees. Our activities aim at assessing, reducing and avoiding corrosion during design and start-up of new plants, as well as in the course of operational optimization of existing plants.

We support the following objectives during revision and operation

(1) low maintenance expenses

(2) high availability of operation

(3) long service life/operation period

(4) high energy efficiency

We gain specific thermochemical information by applying sensory equipment. Various probes and temperature sensor systems have been developed by CheMin in-house.

We are involved in the development of networks and university teaching. Our conference presentations and publications are made available on our homepage. By doing this we operate as gatherers of information, experts and distributors of knowledge.

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neutral | market-supportive | sustainable
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