Understanding and Improving Thermochemical Processes

Optimisation: Material

Operational stress on materials used in power plants results in chemical, thermal and mechanical interactions. As a consequence, materials lose their functional properties – in most cases gradually, sometimes abruptly. This is called ageing resp. wear-and-tear, or damage.

CheMin’s activities in consulting and as expert witnesses have produced an extensive data base of findings on the effects of operational stress on materials, including ceramic and metallic materials as well as composites.

An analytical investigation of ageing, wear-and-tear and damage often reveals material features or properties with a potential for optimisation. Through our work in power plants during maintenance works or after damage cases, in the uncleaned state, we gain deep insight into the often complex interactions between materials and operational influences.

CheMin makes these findings or symptoms available for the purpose of further developing materials or their manufacturing procedures, and cooperates with the manufacturers and users of the materials.

These activities are not restricted to the materials used in power plants, but comprise all fields of process technology in which materials are subject to chemical, thermal and/or mechanical stress.

As a partner for the development of improved materials or applications, CheMin’s preferred approach is to carry out practical tests by using probes which are inserted under real and targeted environmental conditions.

CheMin’s experience demonstrates that realistic tests are better suited than laboratory analyses in order to demonstrate the performance features of materials. For this reason, CheMin does not prioritise standardised tests and corresponding test rigs, but concentrates on practical evaluation methods.

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