Understanding and Improving Thermochemical Processes

Optimisation: Quality Standards

With respect to the large variety of materials applied, boilers are a highly demanding segment of plant construction. Here, operational requirements regarding safety (at work), availability, operation period and compliance with environmental guidelines are setting the bar high.

The more complex and diverse the chemical side effects of the fuels, the higher are the requirements regarding the quality of the materials used and their application. This concerns, in particular, the “difficult fuels” such as waste, RDF, biomass and sewage sludge as well as fossil fuels and co-firing.

Particularly the interfaces between the various contract work subsections may not sufficiently be covered by the established standards of quality assurance and quality control. The more complex the sequence of the contract work involved and the more dependent a consecutive contractor is on the work carried out by his predecessors, the more important becomes CheMin’s supervisory function we call “quality optimisation”.

Usually, quality optimisation belongs to the tasks of the owner or operator of the plant, and is carried out independently and at a higher level than the QA/QS measures taken by the respective suppliers.

The reasonableness and benefit of quality optimisation are being proved when individual contractors are not able to fully assess all later usage requirements for the entire plant. Special requirements may come up due to highly aggressive fuels, very high plant energy efficiency or rather long operational periods resp. high availability.

Experiences made by our CheMin staff lead to the following conclusion: the owner or operator of a plant is well-advised to invest in quality optimisation instead of relying on promised warranties.

CheMin derives usage requirements for individual contractors from its wealth of experience gained in preparing damage expert reports.

The CheMin quality optimisation frequently targets:

  • Protective layers made of nickel-base materials (new installation and repair)
  • Refractory protective layers (new installation and repair)
  • Pressure-bearing materials

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